How to get a wikipedia page for your band

How to get a wikipedia page for your band

Any musician or band can benefit by becoming easier to find on the internet, and, sadly, this is where many talented musicians fall short. Marketing yourself and your band online can greatly increase the number of people who access your music, frequent your shows and purchase your albums and singles. Many search engines, especially Google, […]

How to Book Tour for Your Band

How to Book a Tour for Your Band

When you are just getting started as a musician, tours seem like far-off things that only involve famous professional musicians. As a matter of fact, touring is something that is done successfully by bands of all types, and planning a tour can be a great way to get your band’s name out there. Just make […]


Celebrity FaceSwap (5 Photos)

Let’s have some fun! Inspired by the recent Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber facemashes, we’ve created a few equally awesome combinations! Avril Lavigne + Chad Kroger Lady Gaga + Keith Richards Miley Cyrus + PitBull Jennifer Lopez + Ricky Martin Avril Lavigne + Chad Kroger (Take 2)


10 Musicians Who Have Suffered from Mental Illness

Every day the news presents us with new stories about our favourite creative-types taking part in outlandish activities, going over-the-top and off the rails. It seems that musicians especially find themselves in odd predicaments, showing severe lapses in sanity and occasionally dabbling in drugs. Some musicians carry strong redemption stories in which they come back […]


10 Musicians & Singers Arrested for DUI

Justin Bieber Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, Drag Racing and Resisting Arrest. According to police reports Bieber, 19, was drunk, resisted arrest and “cussed out the cops.” He was still able to pull it all together for a smiley mug shot. Say Cheese! Lindsay Lohan In May 2007, four days before […]


After 72 Years of Marriage His Wife Died. He’s Not a Musician but the Love Song He Wrote Her Will Leave You Teary-eyed.

A 96-year old man made headlines with a song he wrote for his late wife. Fred Stobaugh, whose wife Lorraine died last April after 72 years of marriage, entered a song writing competition in his local city of Peoria, Illinois. No one expected what happened next… not even Fred.

15 Ridiculous Rock:Pop Star Mansions. See who spent an astronomical $125-million!

15 Ridiculous Rock/Pop Star Mansions. See who spent an astronomical $125-million!

Most of us dream of becoming rich and famous celebrities. Millions of adoring fans around the world, exclusive parties, and one can’t forget the primo real estate. Here are 15 Ridiculous Rock/Pop Star Mansions. Adele’s London Castle – Price: £6 million Britney’s Mansion – Price: $20 million Christina Aguilera’s Palace – Price: $13.5 million Jack […]


80 Freakin’ Awesome Album Covers. I Can’t Get Enough of These!

As a designer I love album art sometimes more than the music itself. Therefore I’ve collected 80 of my favourite album covers for everyone to enjoy. The genres range from death metal, to Disney and everything in between. I’ve tried to include a mix of illustration, detailed graphic design, and stunning images. If you enjoy […]


10 Sex Icons of Music You Probably Wouldn’t Recognize Today. I Can’t Stop Looking at These… Damn!

We all wish we could stay young forever. Some people choose to let nature do its thing, while others try to reverse the clock with plastic surgery. This list is a combination of both, featuring before and after shots of the world’s most icon music sex icons. 1. Axl Rose 2. Bono 3. Dolly Parton […]


The 10 Most Iconic Band Logos of All Time. You Won’t Believe Who Made the List!

Band logos come in all shapes and sizes. From the rock and roll stylings of ACDC to the lightning bolt inspired font of Metallica, the music industry has seen some inspiring logo design. Below are the 10 most iconic band logos of all time. What do you think? Who is missing from the list? 1. […]

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