How to get a wikipedia page for your band

How to get a wikipedia page for your band

Any musician or band can benefit by becoming easier to find on the internet, and, sadly, this is where many talented musicians fall short. Marketing yourself and your band online can greatly increase the number of people who access your music, frequent your shows and purchase your albums and singles. Many search engines, especially Google, make it easy for reputable bands to be found during internet searches if they have a Wikipedia page.

What Does It Take?

Getting a Wikipedia page for your band is one of the best ways to increase your band’s visibility and ability to market itself on the internet. Obtaining a Wikipedia page doesn’t take a lot of work; you or a member of your band can, in fact, write the entry yourselves. However, Wikipedia emphasizes neutrality, so you should ensure that the piece isn’t promotional or slanted. If you don’t think you can do this, you should hire someone unbiased to write the page for you.

Be Factual

Wikipedia requires that information placed on its site be factual, which means that you should strive to make your entry as fact-based as possible. Having resources and references that support the information you provide will make it more likely that Wikipedia will keep your entry available. Entries that the site deems fake or lacking in sufficient reliability get taken down, usually in a matter of hours or days.

What Is a Reliable Resource?

Including or linking to information provided by reliable resources helps to make your band and the information you provide more reputable. Include links to things like newspaper or magazine articles that feature your band. You can also link to venue sites that feature information about when your band has show nights or reviews that mention your band or music. You may include links to your band’s website and more personal sites if you like, but they will carry a lot less weight because of their lack of neutrality.

Ask Yourself if Your Band is Worth an Entry

This might be the most difficult question for you and your band members to ask yourselves, but you need to understand first if your band has enough notoriety for Wikipedia to recognize it as worth of having an entry. If you’re still playing in someone’s garage and haven’t booked any shows yet, this isn’t the optimal time for you to put up an entry. If you don’t have any recognition as a band in your community, Wikipedia won’t accept your entry.

If you aren’t sure whether or not Wikipedia will find your band notable enough to keep your entry up, consider the following list. These are some of the things the site looks for when deciding whether or not it should feature an entry about a specific band or musician.

  • You have accumulated a number of write-ups in newspapers or magazines
  • You have an upcoming or ongoing tour that has been covered or featured by a newspaper or magazine
  • Your band has a single or an entire album that has made it onto a nationally-recognized music chart
  • Your band is known as one of the pioneers or most prominent bands in a specific musical style or subgenre
  • Your band has won a musical award or competition or gained recognition because of a competition
  • Your music has been featured in a film or TV show
  • You’ve been featured on rotation by a television or radio network
  • A TV show, film, or show segment has featured your band or your music
  • Your band’s been involved in a public controversy of some kind
  • Your band’s performed with or been involved with well-recognized or famous musicians
  • Your band has performed or will be performing at major venues

How to Book Tour for Your Band

How to Book a Tour for Your Band

When you are just getting started as a musician, tours seem like far-off things that only involve famous professional musicians. As a matter of fact, touring is something that is done successfully by bands of all types, and planning a tour can be a great way to get your band’s name out there. Just make sure that you keep a few things in mind as you plan.

Why Are You Going on Tour?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to go on tour, but knowing the specific reason is going to help you plan. For example, if you are simply seeing this as a way to get your name out there and to get out of town for a little while, you can be fairly casual about where you choose to play and how much you choose to play for. On the other hand, if your goal is to make a fair chunk of cash, you must be very clear on how much you plan to make and where you decide to go.

Time Frame

The best time to start planning a tour is between 4 and 6 months before the tour actually happens. This gives you a chance to notify all of the places that you would like to play and to make the bookings that will be important to you. If you leave it off until later, you are only going to get fairly casual venues or you will be stuck filling in on the odd night.

Plan Your Route

When you are a local band, you can use a tour to press your known boundaries a little. Plan your route to hit places where you have played before, and to hit places where you think your work will be popular. As you plot your route, keep an eye out for places in between the gigs that you have signed on for. You never know when a small club would welcome having you play for a single night or afternoon. When you plan your route, make sure that there are no bigger bands playing the same night you are at a competing venue. A bigger band can actually wipe out any profits you hope to make with a surprising amount of speed and finality.


The question of how long your tour should be is something that you need to decide carefully. Essentially, this question is all about your own endurance. A long tour, particularly if you are not used to touring, will take a lot out of you. If you have never toured before, simply commit to a week or two. This will tell you if you have the stamina to do more.

Get a Contract

There are a lot of bands that simply play and get paid without a problem, but for the times when a problem occurs, you will be glad that you have a contract. A contract is an agreement that tells you and the club what you are due and what is involved. It does not have to be set up by a lawyer, but once it is written down, it makes things much clearer.


How much money will you make on your tour? This can be a hard thing to calculate, and that makes it even harder to budget. Remember to throw in gas, food, supplies, and hotel fees. After you have figured out how much that costs, see what you can do to whittle it down by looking for friends along the way who will shelter you and things like that. Saving money on the road is tough, but it is doable if you keep your wits around you.


10 Musicians Who Have Suffered from Mental Illness

Every day the news presents us with new stories about our favourite creative-types taking part in outlandish activities, going over-the-top and off the rails. It seems that musicians especially find themselves in odd predicaments, showing severe lapses in sanity and occasionally dabbling in drugs. Some musicians carry strong redemption stories in which they come back with a vengeance; others fade away into obscurity, their talent forgotten, only remembered for their antics.

1. Courtney Love


Courtney’s track record of bizarre behaviour includes assault, unwarranted nudity and inappropriate Facebook rants. After she was accused of using heroin while pregnant with her daughter, Courtney tried to beat a journalist with Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar for Pulp Fiction. It seems that nothing is out of bounds for Kurt Cobain’s former wife. Although never report

2. Michael Jackson


He might have been the King of Pop at one point in his life, but his final years were plagued with nasty rumours and odd behaviour. Michael Jackson took great pains to recreate a fantasy childhood experience by building an amusement park at his home and inviting young boys to sleepover. He was also photographed hanging his newborn over the edge of a balcony. Sadly, many of Michael’s odd behaviours are attributed to physical and mental abuse at the hands of his father.

3. Sinead O’Connor

sinead o'connor

In spite of her immediate success following the release of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” Sinead created quite a backlash when she tore up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night Live. In addition, Sinead claimed that she would never play at a venue that played the national anthem before she played, causing quite a stink with other musicians. Several suicide attempts and a 17 day marriage later, it appears that Sinead has yet to find any semblance of stability.

4. Axl Rose


It comes as a surprise to nobody that the frontman for rock band Guns ‘n’ Roses has a dark side. The early 90’s were violent for the band member, plagued with assaults and intense stress. He withdrew, rarely leaving his home, following a bipolar diagnosis. Fans were devastated.

5. Lauryn Hill


After embarking a solo career following success with the Fugees, Lauryn Hill appeared stressed beyond belief. She retreated from the limelight, fired her management team and denounced media. She began to perform again, but fans expressed that she was behaving strangely.

6. Brian Wilson


Possibly the first musician to come forward with mental illness was Beach Boys member Brian Wilson. In an effort to cope with his problems, Wilson turned to LSD and speed and began to experience intense hallucinations. He put his piano in an indoor sandbox, became paranoid about people spying on him and started to spend days in bed. He was soon diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder.

7. Ozzy Osbourne


The Prince of Darkness has quite a reputation, one that started long before his family appeared on their MTV reality show. One of his first public stops on the crazy train came in the late 1970s when he was kicked out of Black Sabbath. He signed contract with CBS to become a solo artist and bit the head off a live dove. He also tried to strangle his wife while high on drugs.

8. Britney Spears


The Princess of Pop was known for her sweet but sultry image in the early 2000s, until her drunken marriage that lasted just three days. Spears publicly shaved her head, attacked paparazzi with an umbrella and took numerous trips to rehab. In more recent years, Spears has been committed to a mental health facility and her parents have taken conservatorship of her estate.

9. Phil Spector


Nothing says “downward spiral” like a guilty verdict in a murder trial. Phil was a relentless musician, working for hours at a time and forcing others to do the same. He acted the same way with his wife, treated her like a prisoner instead of a partner. He was known for firing a weapon during recording sessions on at least two separate occasions before he was sentenced to life in prison for the death of an actress named Lana Clarkson.

10. Peter Green


Though formerly known for his amazing guitar skills, Peter Green was inhibited by mental illness. His use of LSD made his symptoms worse and soon he was hearing voices. Peter began growing his fingernails tremendously long and threatened to shoot his accountant. Peter appears to have sought treatment for his condition, as he still tours as a musician.

Of course, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for many of these musicians. Unfortunately, it often comes too late, when careers are ruined and fans cannot be persuaded to return.


10 Musicians & Singers Arrested for DUI

Justin Bieber


Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, Drag Racing and Resisting Arrest. According to police reports Bieber, 19, was drunk, resisted arrest and “cussed out the cops.” He was still able to pull it all together for a smiley mug shot. Say Cheese!

Lindsay Lohan


In May 2007, four days before production was set to start for the film Poor Things, Lohan was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI.) This proved to be the first of many of Lohan’s run-ins with the law which resulted in a second DUI arrest and stint in rehab.

Country Singer Randy Travis


Randy Travis pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated in 2013 in a case that began in the previous summer. The country music star was found naked after crashing his Pontiac Trans Am. Yikes!

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter


Former Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, received a DUI in 2005 when out with friends after a night at a restaurant in Huntington Beach. Police stopped Carter around 7:30 p.m. after he pulled out of a parking structure and started driving on Main Street.

Motley Crue Frontman Vince Neil


In 2007, Motley Crue front man and 80′s hair metal icon Vince Niel was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Las Vegas after police spotted him making some erratic moves in his Ferrari.

Neil later worked out a deal with prosecutors where he accepted a guilty of reckless driving in exchange for dropping the DUI charge.

Rapper Eve Jeffers


Eve was arrested back in April of 2007 for suspicion of DUI after she wrecked her gold sports car on Hollywood Boulevard. She was arrested and taken to jail where she posted a $30,000 bail.

Rocker Pete Doherty


In 2009 Doherty was arrested for DUI and possession of crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and one other substance.

Black Eyed Peas Singer “Taboo”


Black Eyed Peas’ singer, Taboo, was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana in March of 2007. He was cited for four charges: driving under the influence, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of marijuana while driving, and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

Pop Star George Michael


In October of 2006, Pop singer George Michael, was arrested for illegibly being under the influence of anti-depressants, marijuana and the illegal club drug GHB.

“Method Man” of Wu-Tang Clan


Rapper, Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan was arrested in May 2007 for DUI when an officer, noticed the smell of marijuana. “It was like something out of Cheech & Chong. He rolls down the window and the smoke would choke a horse,” said a source.


After 72 Years of Marriage His Wife Died. He’s Not a Musician but the Love Song He Wrote Her Will Leave You Teary-eyed.

A 96-year old man made headlines with a song he wrote for his late wife. Fred Stobaugh, whose wife Lorraine died last April after 72 years of marriage, entered a song writing competition in his local city of Peoria, Illinois. No one expected what happened next… not even Fred.

15 Ridiculous Rock:Pop Star Mansions. See who spent an astronomical $125-million!

15 Ridiculous Rock/Pop Star Mansions. See who spent an astronomical $125-million!

Most of us dream of becoming rich and famous celebrities. Millions of adoring fans around the world, exclusive parties, and one can’t forget the primo real estate.

Here are 15 Ridiculous Rock/Pop Star Mansions.

Adele’s London Castle – Price: £6 million


Britney’s Mansion – Price: $20 million


Christina Aguilera’s Palace – Price: $13.5 million


Jack White’s Former Detroit Home – Price: $590,000


Jennifer Lopez’s Mansion – Price: $24 million


Justin Bieber’s California Home – Price: $6.5 million


Kid Rock’s Detroit Playpen – Price: N/A


Lady Gaga’s Hollywood Home – Price: $5.1 million


Madonna’s West Coast Mansion – Price: $22.5 million


Mariah Carey’s Estate – Price: $125 million


Michael Jackson – Price: $23.9 million


Mick Jagger’s British Property – Price: £10 million


Ozzy Osbourne’s L.A. Cave – Price: $14 million 


Rod Stewart’s Palm Beach Estate – Price: $12.5 million


Tommy Lee – Price: $6.75 million



80 Freakin’ Awesome Album Covers. I Can’t Get Enough of These!

As a designer I love album art sometimes more than the music itself. Therefore I’ve collected 80 of my favourite album covers for everyone to enjoy.

The genres range from death metal, to Disney and everything in between. I’ve tried to include a mix of illustration, detailed graphic design, and stunning images.

If you enjoy this blog please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

The Clash

The Used

Fires At Night



Boys Like Girls

Crush Luther

Dashboard Confessional


Kevin Hearn

Cha Cha Cha Time


The Cardigans

Cheap Thrills

Puddle of Mudd




Pearl Jam

Cort Minor

Jack’s Mannequin

Gym Class Heroes

Say Anything

Linkin Park



Meat Loaf


The Used

Kucz Kulka

Hidden In Plain View

The Wailin’ Jennys

Shawn Morris

Arsonists Get All The Girls

Green Day

Rise Against


Herbie Mann

Bishop Allen

Barenaked Ladies

Johnny cash



The Shins

Cocteau Twins

Crush Luther

Kid Cudi


Daniel Johnston

Mikey Factz


Dinosaur jr.

Eureka Birds

Paul Fogarty

Matthew Blacklock


Gnarls Barkley

The Donnas

Haidian Park

Jimi Hendrix

Bloodhound Gang



Jamie Cullum

The Acorn

Library Voices



A Frames


Blitzen Trapper

Love As Laughter

Eugene Mirman

It’s A Small World

The Sandinista Project

Gnarls Barkley

Them Crooked Vultures


Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Yo La Tengo


10 Sex Icons of Music You Probably Wouldn’t Recognize Today. I Can’t Stop Looking at These… Damn!

We all wish we could stay young forever. Some people choose to let nature do its thing, while others try to reverse the clock with plastic surgery. This list is a combination of both, featuring before and after shots of the world’s most icon music sex icons.

2. Bono


3. Dolly Parton


4. Elvis Presley


 5. Johnny Cash


6. Keith Richards


7. Madonna


8. Michael Jackson (updated)


9. Mick Jagger


10. Paul McCartney



The 10 Most Iconic Band Logos of All Time. You Won’t Believe Who Made the List!

Band logos come in all shapes and sizes. From the rock and roll stylings of ACDC to the lightning bolt inspired font of Metallica, the music industry has seen some inspiring logo design.

Below are the 10 most iconic band logos of all time. What do you think? Who is missing from the list?


2. Linkin Park



3. Metallica


4. Misfits

5. Nirvana

6. Rolling Stones


7. The Beatles


8. The Doors


9. The Strokes


10. Van Halen