How to get a wikipedia page for your band

How to get a wikipedia page for your band

Any musician or band can benefit by becoming easier to find on the internet, and, sadly, this is where many talented musicians fall short. Marketing yourself and your band online can greatly increase the number of people who access your music, frequent your shows and purchase your albums and singles. Many search engines, especially Google, make it easy for reputable bands to be found during internet searches if they have a Wikipedia page.

What Does It Take?

Getting a Wikipedia page for your band is one of the best ways to increase your band’s visibility and ability to market itself on the internet. Obtaining a Wikipedia page doesn’t take a lot of work; you or a member of your band can, in fact, write the entry yourselves. However, Wikipedia emphasizes neutrality, so you should ensure that the piece isn’t promotional or slanted. If you don’t think you can do this, you should hire someone unbiased to write the page for you.

Be Factual

Wikipedia requires that information placed on its site be factual, which means that you should strive to make your entry as fact-based as possible. Having resources and references that support the information you provide will make it more likely that Wikipedia will keep your entry available. Entries that the site deems fake or lacking in sufficient reliability get taken down, usually in a matter of hours or days.

What Is a Reliable Resource?

Including or linking to information provided by reliable resources helps to make your band and the information you provide more reputable. Include links to things like newspaper or magazine articles that feature your band. You can also link to venue sites that feature information about when your band has show nights or reviews that mention your band or music. You may include links to your band’s website and more personal sites if you like, but they will carry a lot less weight because of their lack of neutrality.

Ask Yourself if Your Band is Worth an Entry

This might be the most difficult question for you and your band members to ask yourselves, but you need to understand first if your band has enough notoriety for Wikipedia to recognize it as worth of having an entry. If you’re still playing in someone’s garage and haven’t booked any shows yet, this isn’t the optimal time for you to put up an entry. If you don’t have any recognition as a band in your community, Wikipedia won’t accept your entry.

If you aren’t sure whether or not Wikipedia will find your band notable enough to keep your entry up, consider the following list. These are some of the things the site looks for when deciding whether or not it should feature an entry about a specific band or musician.

  • You have accumulated a number of write-ups in newspapers or magazines
  • You have an upcoming or ongoing tour that has been covered or featured by a newspaper or magazine
  • Your band has a single or an entire album that has made it onto a nationally-recognized music chart
  • Your band is known as one of the pioneers or most prominent bands in a specific musical style or subgenre
  • Your band has won a musical award or competition or gained recognition because of a competition
  • Your music has been featured in a film or TV show
  • You’ve been featured on rotation by a television or radio network
  • A TV show, film, or show segment has featured your band or your music
  • Your band’s been involved in a public controversy of some kind
  • Your band’s performed with or been involved with well-recognized or famous musicians
  • Your band has performed or will be performing at major venues