Resources For Designing A Band Logo

So you’ve chosen a cool band name, you’ve written some groove worthy tunes and now you are ready to start promoting yourself. Well a logo can be an excellent way to elevate your band above the rest and create brand awareness. Designing a logo is a fun and exciting process, here are a few resources that will make it the whole process much easier.

1. The Design Software

Start by downloading Illustrator, it comes with a free 30-day trial. It is important to use Illustrator and not Photoshop for one really important reason, Illustrator allows a user to create Vector Graphics. Vector graphics are graphics that are based on a mathematical formal that allows you to enlarge or shrink your logo without degrading its resolution.

Programs like Photoshop on the other hand use Rasterized Graphics, or graphics that are based on a set number of pixels. If you enlarge a Rasterized Graphic beyond about 1/3 it’s original size you will see the dreaded pixel staircase effect (also know as pixellation) which will make the graphic look like awful.

2. Finding A Cool Graphic

Now that you have the design software installed you can get started on the graphic. There are many tools within Illustrator that you can use including 3D revolution tools, warp tools and filters. If you don’t have the technical skills to create the exact graphic you are looking for you can always download a vector pack from one of the free or paid vector websites.

Top free vector websites (tend to be lower quality)

Top paid vector websites ($10 – $20)

3. Finding A Font

Band logos don’t need a bunch of swirly graphics and illustrations for them to be memorable. Infact the most important aspect of a band logo is its legibility. People should be able to very clearly read your bands name!

All design programs come with default fonts but they tend to be a bit Blah. Dafont is a popular stock font website, that offers free downloads. You can peruse a wide variety of font styles until you find one that will work just right for you band. A few common font styles are:

  • San Serif: Fonts that do not have semi-structural details (or little feet) at the ends of the letters. Commin San Serif fonts include Helvetica, Tahoma, and Arial
  • Serif: Fonts that have semi-structural details (or little feet) at the ends of letters. The most famous of all Serif fonts is Times New Roman.
  • Fancy: Fonts tend to be more fun and playful including comic, old school, distorted and grungy styles.
  • Script: Fonts that appear to be handwritten, calligraphy, or have a graffiti-like quality.

There are many other styles but these tend to be the most popular.

4. Finding Inspiration

If you’ve meandered through the first three steps and you are still feeling a bit lost don’t fret. Below are a few of the world’s most popular band logos for inspiration.


metallica band logo

The Beatles

the Beatles band logo


ACDC band logo