50 Illustrated Band Poster Designs

Illustrations are one of my favourite forms of design. The imagination and talent involved in creating an illustration is nothing short of inspiring. In my years as a graphic designer I’ve created illustrations for bands and business so I can attest to the incredible amount of time and effort involved.

For this blog post I’ve collected 50 stunning illustrated posters for you to review, I hope you enjoy.

Amigo Band Poster

amigo band poster

Avkzni Band Poster

band poster

The Apache Relay Band Poster

apache relay band postermudhu

A/V Space Band Poster

av space band poster

Ben Harper Band Poster

ben harper band poster

Bonnaroo band Poster

bonnaroo band poster

Boris Band Poster

boris band poster

The Bouncing Souls Band Poster

bouncing souls band poster

Chief Band Poster

chief band poster

Cowboys and Indians Band Poster

cowboys and indians band poster

Cold War Kids Band Poster

cold war kids band poster

Coltrane Motion Band Poster

coltrane motion band poster

Daiquiri Band Poster

daiquiri band poster

Dale Watson Band Poster

dale watson band poster

Dan Auerbach Band Poster

dan auerbach band poster

Dan Dyer Band Poster

dan dyer band poster

Dallas Crane Band Poster

dallas crane band poster

The Dames Band Poster

dia band poster

The Eagles of Death Metal Band Poster

the eagles of death metal band poster

Earlimart Band Poster

earliemart band poster

Fabled Automatic Band Poster

fabled automatic band poster

First Fridays Band Poster


fast fridays band poster

Fuck Disease Band Poster

fuck disease band poster

Georgetown Music Festival Poster

georgetown band poster

Hidraulica Band Poster

hidraulica  band poster

How Band Poster

how band poster

Humpty Dumpty Band Poster

humpty dumpty band poster

Ken Mode Band Poster

ken mode band poster

Koistinen Band Poster

koistinen band poster

Lakeside Festival Poster

lakeside festival band poster

Lot Six Band Poster

lot six band poster

Maps & Atlases Band Poster

maps and atlases band poster

Mogwai Band Poster

magwai band poster

Mudhoney Band Poster

mudhonem band poster

NIN Band Poster

nin band poster

Nothing Project Band Poster

nothing project band poster

Nothing Project Band Poster

nothing project band poster

Queens of the Stone Age Band Poster

queens of the stoneage band poster

Queens of the Stone Age Band Poster

queens of the stoneage band poster

Queens of the Stone Age Band Poster

queens of the stoneage band poster

Resinated Band Poster

resinated band poster

Richard Thompson Band Poster

richard thompson band poster

The Runaway Suns Band Poster

runaway suns band poster

Sharon Jones Band Poster

sharon jones band poster

Sh! The Octopus Band Poster

sh! the octopus

Soup Band Poster

soupcreek band poster

Twins of a Gazelle Band Poster

twins of a gazelle band poster

Wolf Eyes Band Poster

wolf eyes band poster

Yawning Man Band Poster

yawing man band poster

Zombie Ball Poster

zombieball band poster

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About calin

Hey, I'm Calin Daniel a graphic designer, online marketer and ex indie-rocker from Calgary, Alberta Canada. I've worked with bands of all shapes and sizes from internationally recognized artists to small-town garage bands. When not geeking out over design, you can find me geeking out over music, online marketing, and zombie flicks.

6 thoughts on “50 Illustrated Band Poster Designs

  1. G.Elliott


    I have a small business here in calgary and am looking for some custom graphic designs. I am in a grassroots phase expanding from a guitar repair and customization business into full custom guitar production shop so i may only need a piece here or there untill i launch my e-comerce site at which point i will likely need alot more incl a logo. For now what i need is a 3 colour graphic that i can use as a coverpage for my social networking page as well as in a t-shirt format and business card format. After seeing your show poster for “the bouncing souls” i was kinda hooked, I am looking for that band shirt/poster vibe and very much looking for an artist with a musician vibe! If this sounds like something you might be interested in please e-mail me back and we can begin talking about theme/design/$’s.


    G. Elliott

  2. Piper

    Any way to buy a copy of your Dale Watson poster? It would be perfect for my husband’s birthday. We fell in love dancing to Dale at Ginny’s in Austin. Please let me know.

  3. calin Post author

    Unfortunately I don’t sell anything through the website it’s just a place to share inspiration. I’m sure you will be able to find something online.

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